Eating healthier has been hard work for Jaden Smith.

On the latest episode of “Red Table Talk”, Jada Pinkett Smith and her family have a conversation about gut problems, and how to solve them.

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“We’ve had digestive issues for years,” Jada says in the episode’s opening.

“Bloating and kind of a non-descriptive discomfort. It’s not pain,” Adrienne Banfield Norris says, with Jada adding that she is “very food sensitive.”

“My biggest gut problem would be, like, just not being hungry when I need to be or being stressed. I do have pain,” Jaden explains. “I eat so much sugar that I have a candida buildup that happens in my stomach.”

He says that his issues with sugar probably come from “eating pancakes for breakfast” every day since he was a kid.

“Just doing that for literally the past–like, just my entire freaking life of 23 years, I feel like it’s just built up for a long time,” he said.

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“Do you feel better from last time we did the family health show?” Jada asks her son, referring to an episode they did back in 2019.

“Definitely,” Jaden says. “I was able to work with the doctors and really get my vitamins and get my supplements and, you know, protein shakes, and that’s half of my diet. It’s like a password that I have to find to my body. I’m like ten pounds heavier now at this point, and I feel like I’m keeping on my weight. I’m able to put on more muscle.”

He reveals that he’s also been working out and bulking up in the years since, showing a startling before-and-after picture comparison.

“That was a long way from where I was when I was at Coachella where I was just like bones. I thought I was so tight. I thought I was so tight,” Jaden said. “I was like, ‘This, I’m swaggin on this.’ Like, ‘I need to take off my shirt right now!'”