Mariah Carey pulled two pranks on a McDonalds in Aspen, Colorado before revealing her famous identity and surprising its employees.

The “All I Want For Christmas” singer is spending the holidays in Aspen where she decided to have some “unexpected” fun with her friends and family to celebrate The Mariah Menu.

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The superstar first went through the drive-thru for her daughter, Monroe Cannon, to prank the operator who didn’t have any holiday cheer. After Carey’s 10-year-old shouted out a very chaotic order in a harsh New York accent, the employee responded, “Ma’am, can you please just leave the store and never come back?”

Meanwhile, Carey’s assistants were already inside for a second prank, trying to order a Big Mac and coffee in Portuguese. Once again, the staff was unfazed by their fun and games, especially the cashier who’s composure appeared to be very annoyed in the video that Carey shared on Instagram.

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However, when the Carey family made their way inside, it didn’t take long for the staff to turn their frowns upside down. The singer did not go unnoticed in her bright red gown- very on brand for the fast food chain- and the staff were thrilled. Carey took pictures with many of the employees and showed off the Mariah Menu packaging.

Watch the singer and her team prank the employees in the video below.

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