Gordon Ramsay is taking on the wings of death once again for a very good cause.

The chef first appeared on “Hot Ones” back in January 2019, with the video since reaching over 100 million views.

Despite him struggling through it, he agreed to return to chow down on more incredibly spicy wings to raise money for the charity Common Threads, which helps provide under-resourced communities with information to make affordable, nutritious and appealing food choices.

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Ramsay brought a sack of goodies with him for the occasion, with him treating host Sean Evans to some three-Michelin star chicken wings after complaining about the ones he was given last time.

The star used bread and milk to mop up arguably the spiciest sauce on the lineup, Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity, saying: “That’s just f**ked my wing! That is f**king disgusting!”

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For the Last Dab ending to the show, Ramsay brought out a spray can of Pepto Bismol, downing it before firing the can at Evans.

“Go f**k yourself 2.0!” Ramsay finished the clip by saying after spitting out the last wing.

The “Hot Ones Holiday Extravaganza” also had appearances from chef Alvin Cailan, host of “Pizza Wars” Nicole Russell and “Burger Scholar Sessions” star George Motz.