The Estefans are opening up about the difficulties of raising children of different genders.

On the final episode of “Red Table Talk: The Estefans” Lili and Gloria Estefan revealed their own possible biases when it came to raising their kids, with Lili inviting her children Lina and Lorenzo Luaces to the show.

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“Growing up, I feel like my dad was always way harder on Loren and my mom was way harder on me,” Lina admitted.

Lorenzo agreed, adding, “Yeah, my dad was definitely more, like, he put more emphasis on, like, the macho side of things, of, like, helping them with, like, bags and not letting them do, like, all that stuff.”

In fact, Lili gave Lorenzo preferential treatment even when he came home from college. When asked by Gloria whether she made him do any chores while home from college, she said she considered him “on vacation.”

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Lina Luaces and Lili Estefan – Photo: Aysia Marotta
Lina Luaces and Lili Estefan – Photo: Aysia Marotta
The Estefans on “Red Table Talk: Estefans” – Photo: Aysia Marotta
The Estefans on “Red Table Talk: Estefans” – Photo: Aysia Marotta

“Last year when he came back in the pandemic and the three of us were together, I was, like, he may be going back in a month, so let me take advantage. I want him to miss me when he goes away,” joked Lili.

In contrast, Lorenzo’s sister Lina brought the discipline.

“Yes, I’m way more scared of Lina than I am my mom… if I’m not doing chores, or, like, helping out around the house, my mom isn’t the one to tell anything. It’s Lina that comes into my room, and she’s like, ‘Hey, like, go feed the dogs,’ getting angry at me and stuff,” he shared.

For Gloria, however, the biggest difference between raising her children came when she had to give them “the talk.”

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“There are certain things that are different in raising girls and raising boys. Different conversations, specifically around sex and your body,” the mother of two said.

Lina agreed with the sentiment and reminded them of the “double standard” men and women face.

“I feel with like with dads, what I’ve noticed a lot is that when their sons are leaving to college, they’re like, ‘Go get with girls… here’s condoms. How many girls did you get with tonight?’” said Lina. “And then with their daughters, they’re like, ‘You’re not allowed to touch a man until you’re 30 years old.’”

Gloria echoed the sentiment later in the episode when her brother-in-law José Estefan admitted he doesn’t want his daughters to be as sexually active as his sons.

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“Okay, so there we have it. This is a very big difference. When men have a lot of girlfriends, they’re seen as like, ‘Hey, I’m the guy.’ But when women have a lot of boyfriends…’What kind of woman are you?’” She said.

The full episode is available for streaming now on Facebook.