Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s 3-year-old son Miles ran into a little trouble during their trip.

The mother of two shared the news to Instagram in a photo of Miles bundled up at the doctor’s office.

She captioned the photo: “bear got a little bite that got infected. we thought it was a deep splinter but ultrasound showed nothing! anyhoo he is all good! And the visit was free.”

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The cookbook author continued, “It always feels like a trick. But it is not. It is simply universal healthcare. It is beautiful when a country sees value in its people being healthy and financially safe from insurmountable healthcare debt. we should try it someday.”

Teigen has been sharing plenty of photos of the family enjoying the holidays and cold weather in the United Kingdom, which provides most healthcare for free to residents and emergency outpatient treatment for tourists.

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A post shared to Instagram showed photos of 5-year-old Luna all bundled up, Miles enjoying a warm fireplace, and the family enjoying what appears to be a log cabin in a small English village.