At Kathy Hilton’s house, Christmas has taken over.

In a new video for Architectural Digest, the frequent “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” guest star takes fans on a tour through her Bel-Air home, showing off her impressive holiday decorations.

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“I normally start decorating in October,” the 62-year-old revealed, “then keep adding until December.”

The tree and decorations will stay up all the way until February, she says.

Usually, Kathy hosts a big Christmas party, but this year she’s opting not to after the work that went into daughter Paris Hilton’s three-day wedding just last month.

“I do a really fabulous Christmas day brunch,” she says of her plans this year. “A frittata with really nice vegetables, and sour cream and caviar, and these little cinnamon rolls, bacon, and pancakes with melted butter and really good syrup.”

While Kathy takes a lot of pleasure in decorating for the holiday, she stays away from stringing lights on the Christmas tree.

“Lighting is everything. I don’t like it when it’s just thrown on — I’m a nut in having it tucked back in here,” she says. “So I always get a pre-lit tree. I think that it’s just easier.

She adds, “But you can never do enough fluffing. I always say I’m a fluffer.”

Plus, there’s way more than just one artificial tree in the house, as Kathy shows.

“I have one in the library, one in the living room. One in the sunroom and one in the entry. Boy, I could have a sale here,” she says, adding, “Usually I do not let the family touch anything. I’m a control freak when it comes to the ornaments. My husband likes to hang some of them, and I’m, like, ‘No, no, no, Rick, no.’”

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The seven-bedroom home is the perfect setting for great holiday cheer, with multiple sitting rooms and a butlers pantry, each designed with its own unique style.

Each room of the home — which includes seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, multiple sitting rooms and a butlers pantry — is designed with its own flavour.

“My blue-and-white room reminds me of Southampton, New York,” the native New Yorker says. “My library reminds me of New York City, in a townhouse or an apartment, with the dark wood … Then, if you’re standing in the living room, it’s all butter yellow, pale blue, creams, with a little bit of apricot or maybe shrimp or blush.”

As for the entryway, Kathy says, “I used to do it all in pretty pale aqua and silver and gold, and then I started thinking, I don’t want to just match and have it look like a hotel lobby. So the last few years I’ve been doing what you see”— red, gold, white and tinsel galore — “and next year it’ll be a whole new thing,” she said.

The home was purchased from “Charlie’s Angels” star Jaclyn Smith back in 1993.