Oprah Winfey threw open the doors for Gayle King’s grandson in a grand welcome.

The host welcomed 3-month-old Luca in “Lion King” style in a video posted to Instagram.

In the video, Winfey is seen waiting at the steps of her home with her partner and family fanned out to welcome the baby with open arms.

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They also break into a Broadway-style rendition of the “Circle of Life” from Disney’s “Lion King”, repeating the beginning notes of the song a capella as King’s daughter, Kirby Bumpuss, and husband approach with baby Luca in their arms.

Later in the video, Winfrey gets to cradle Luca in her arms, whispering sweet words to the baby and teasing, “”I know you’ve been waiting. You’ve been waiting to see me. I’ve been waiting to see you.”

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Winfrey’s close friend King is nowhere seen in the video. However, as Winfrey assured, there was a good reason for that.

“Everyone who is spending Christmas at my house has to be vaccinated, boosted, tested, and quarantined. Stedman calls it ‘The Policy’ cause I’m that serious about it,” she explained in the description. “This was release day for our bubble and we knew we had to throw a welcome celebration for Baby Luca, who none of us had met yet!”

It seems the “CBS This Morning” host hadn’t completed “The Policy” yet, but the star assures everyone that Luca’s grandmother will be with them soon.

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“We missed his grandma @gayleking but she’ll join us once she completes the policy!” said Winfrey. “Have a happy and safe holiday, everyone 🎄🎄🎄”