It takes the right role for Michael B. Jordan to bare all.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the “A Journal for Jordan” star opened up about going nude and showing his backside for a brief scene in the film.

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“You wanna save those moments of being vulnerable for the right project,” he said. “To make sure it’s sophisticated, it’s elevated to the right level, when you’re gonna reveal yourself like that. And yeah, this was the one for me.”

Jordan continued, “We always knew there were gonna be intimate moments that we wanted to show. I mean, what’s a real love story movie without those intimate Black love moments.”

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He also talked about joking with director Denzel Washington about the scene before shooting it.

“I knew there was a version of that coming. I didn’t know exactly the shot. I didn’t know exactly what it was gonna be, but me and Denzel, we joked and messed around about that as we were getting ready for that scene,” Jordan said.