Claire Foy doesn’t need to be told what she wants by any man.

Appearing on the “Reign” podcast, the former “The Crown” star recalled an argument she got into with a “mansplaining” workman who came to her house to install her TV.

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She explained that when she moved into her new house, she knew exactly where she wanted the TV, but the installer “decided to give me a speech about how I was putting my TV – that I had paid for – in the wrong place.”

Foy continued, “I said ‘No, that’s where I want it’ and they were, ‘Yeah love, you’re not doing it right.’ And I was like, ‘No, no, no, no, no, that’s where I want my TV, so that’s where it’s going to go.'”

She added, “Now it was after a very long day, but I just basically went, ‘I do not need anyone to tell me where I should put my TV in my own house’ – naff off, basically.”

The actress also explained, “That’s just one case. I would never have presumed to tell a man, or anybody else, that they were wrong about where they were going to put their TV.”

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Foy said that there is a “fundamental and deep-rooted” belief that “basically it’s a man’s right to express what he says as fact but it’s not a woman’s right.”

She said, “The world is just different for the two different genders. And it’s just a messy, messy thing that we all have to be able to look at in some way.”