Rosey Edeh: Milos Raonic’s A ‘Style’ Ace

You can always tell when you’re in the presence of a great athlete. The tall, strong walk… the undeniable focus and determination in the eyes – athletes stand a cut above the rest.

It also doesn’t hurt when you’re 6-foot-5!  I’m speaking of Milos Raonic, the epitome of world class athleticism. He was in Toronto for a Lacoste/Harry Rosen photo shoot and ET Canada got the all-clear to talk to the tennis ace in between one of his many wardrobe changes. The shoot took place at the Rexall Centre where tennis superstars like Milos come to compete in the Rogers Cup.

In a way he is right at home – he’s on centre court with a racquet in his hand, but he’s got on pants and a sweater. Not exactly tennis whites and there are lots of people buzzing around him making sure not a hair is out of place.

It’s funny to watch a tiny stylist try her best to reach his shoulders, which seem like a mile away from her diminutive perspective!

But, in spite of all the folks involved with the shoot, Milos is chilled out and seems pretty comfortable. Except for the brisk wind – which makes Milos run inside after a long stint of posing, to warm up for a few minutes – he says he doesn’t mind modeling.

He just isn’t interested in the long 10-hour days of posing like some of his friends, who happen to be models, are accustomed to. Nope! He’s got tennis on the brain.

The guy works on that tremendous 150-mile per hour serve everyday when he isn’t travelling or competing and beating some of the world’s top players. Milos wants to be in the top 10 ranking so bad, I could feel his determination just standing next to him for my interview. He says he’s inspired by other athletes and it’s clear he’s all about working diligently, while sticking close to his family and small team of coaches to get results.

I’ll never forget what he told me when I asked what motivated him as a 10 – 15-year-old playing the game: “I hated losing more than I loved winning.”

The Harry Rosen catalogue is out this month. And Milos will compete for Canada at The London Summer Games – tennis begins July 28. Go Milos, Go!!!

Watch my interview on ET Canada Thursday and the behind-the-scenes from the photo shoot below!




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