Nicole Kidman has always avoided being categorized, including when it comes to being described as a “movie star.”

In a new interview with The Guardian to promote her new role as Lucille Ball in “Being the Ricardos”, Kidman admits that particular term “confuses me,” and asks the interviewer to “define” precisely what a movie star is.

“It’s too cerebral for me,” Kidman says before referencing the late Stanley Kubrick, who directed her and then-husband Tom Cruise in the psycho-sexual thriller “Eyes Wide Shut”.

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“I can only go to what Stanley Kubrick would say to me, which was, ‘Nicole, you’re a character actress,’” she explains.

“Usually, I’m resistant to labels,” she adds. “There’s a new generation now, saying, ‘No, you don’t get to define me just this way.’ I’m hugely supportive of this. And you can also change. I love that.”

In the interview, Kidman also addresses her mid-life career renaissance, which has been playing out not on the big screen but on television with such critical acclaimed projects as “Big Little Lies”, “The Undoing” and “Nine Perfect Strangers”.

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“I would never have thought television would be an avenue for growth for me,” she admits, sharing the difference she’s seen in the response when comparing her film and television roles.

“Television gives you a much stronger connection with an audience, because you’re in their homes,” she says. “I had a far deeper response than I’d ever had, which just suddenly came hurtling towards me.”