Not even Sarah Jessica Parker thought “Sex and the City” would be revived.

On Monday, HBO Max released a new roundtable video featuring the “And Just Like That” cast, opening up about bringing the franchise back to life for a new era.

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“We’re very aware of the good fortune that surrounds just this effort this time,” Parker says.

“You can never go home again. Except very occasionally, you actually can. This amazing thing that happened in your life, 25 years ago…” Cynthia Nixon adds before trailing off.

Parker jumps in to say, “To be together is really, like, great.”

Kristen Davis also adds, “You never get to work with people this long, in this way, in this depth.”

That’s when Parker admits, “I didn’t think it was going to happen.”

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In the time since the original series aired on HBO, the world has changed a fair bit, and the new show has attempted to address those changes, including casting non-binary actor Sara Ramirez.

“We had this idea to come back in this way we’ve come back, with a new kind of broader world,” Davis says, adding of the new cast members, “They’re so brilliantly cast and they have such an interesting point of view.”

Parker also makes clear, “We’re back because we want to be. Nobody dragged us back, this is a hard fought choice.”