Kanye West was singing right to Drake’s heart during their big team-up concert earlier this month.

In new footage from the concert shared on YouTube, Drake is seen getting emotional while singing along with the final refrain of West’s performance of “Runaway”.

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Right at the end of the performance, West swapped out the last lines of the song in a direct appeal to estranged wife Kim Kardashian.

“I need you to run right back to me, baby,” he sang. “More specifically, Kimberly.”

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The concert, which took place on Dec. 9 in Los Angeles, marked a reconciliation for Drake and West after a long-standing feud, and was put on to benefit the campaign to free convicted felon Larry Hoover from a life sentence for murder.

As for West’s marriage, Kardashian recently filed for divorce, but it has not been finalized. Her husband also recently purchased a house directly across the street from her.