Fans of “The Matrix Resurrections” may be disappointed to hear that a sequel is unlikely.

In a new interview on the Empire podcast, Keanu Reeves — who reprises his role of Neo in the film — said he didn’t think director Lana Wachowski was interested in making another “Matrix” movie.

“If I had to cast a ballot — no, not a ballot, a vote — I would say that Lana would not do another Matrix,” he added.

Producer James McTeigue also confirmed there’s no plans for more in the franchise.

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“At the moment, it’s just the movie you’ve seen,” he told Collider. “We’ve got no prequel in mind. We’ve got no sequel in mind. We’ve got no further trilogy.”

The film — which received mixed reviews — hit cinemas Dec. 22 and took in just $22.5 million by Boxing Day in the U.S.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly before the release, Reeves said he believes the film is a love story at its heart.

“Not that it needed it,” the actor said, “but certainly the depth of why this film got made is the sense of it being a love story between Trinity and Neo.”

Co-star Moss agreed, though she viewed it as the love of director Wachowski. “I’ve never felt that way before, where I could see that I am an extension of her heart in playing this role,” she said.

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Reeves did say, however, that if Wachowski did want to make a fifth Matrix movie and “invited” him back, he would happily take part.

“If she invites me again, I’m in!” he added.