Machine Gun Kelly has gone viral on TikTok thanks to an epic fail involving a popular children’s toy.

In the video, MGK and Fox, wearing pyjamas and Santa hats, are standing in front of a Christmas tree while he plays with Hasbro’s Bop It.

The object of the toy is to follow the voice commands issued. “Bop it,” the toy declares, leading to Kelly banging it against his hip.

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“Twist it,” the toy then commands, with Kelly twisting as instructed, then yanking on a portion of the toy when it tells him to “pull it.”

Once again, he’s told to “bop it,” this time banging it on his hip hard enough to send a piece flying off.

“You broke it!” a child’s voice says off-camera, presumably one of Fox’s three sons, with Kelly laughing as he reaches down to turn off the camera, while Fox simply shakes her head.


Break it, I mean, bop it 🤪🎄

♬ original sound – Colson

The video didn’t take long to go viral; as of last count, it’s been viewed more than 19 million times.