The Ohio State University Marching Band’s stupendous “Top Gun” homage did not go unnoticed by star actor Tom Cruise.

The OSU Marching Band delivered an elaborate tribute to “Top Gun” during a November halftime performance. The tremendously synchronized performers used their bodies to create a fighter plane, Cruise’s iconic sunglasses and more to the tune of the film’s soundtrack.

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Cruise congratulated the marching band on their fantastic performance by delivering “Top Gun” tees, as well as inviting the musicians to a screening of the upcoming movie “Top Gun: Maverick”.

“Dear band, the ‘Top Gun’ tribute was fantastic,” Cruise wrote in a letter to the band, per Entertainment Weekly. “What a phenomenal performance, thank you so much.

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“I’d love for you all to be my guests for a special screening of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ in Columbus this spring, and best of luck to the Ohio State University in the Rose Bowl.”

“Top Gun: Maverick” is scheduled to premiere in movie theatres on May 27.