J.Lo’s latest rom-com is also one of her most personal films.

This week, the multitalented performer shared a behind-the-scenes look at her new movie “Marry Me”, co-starring Owen Wilson, in which she plays a fictional pop superstar.

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“The fact that you are a celebrity in the public eye, people feel like they have a right to know everything but it’s OK, I do get to have something for myself, right?” Lopez says in the video.

In the film, Lopez plays Kat Valdez, a Latin pop star who learns that her on-stage partner has been having an affair, and impulsively decides to marry a stranger, played by Wilson, who she sees holding up a “Marry Me” sign by accident at her concert.

“That is what we wanted to show in this movie, not just the celebrity but also the human being,” Lopez says.

“We see this glossy life and it seems perfect,” says director Kat Coiro. “But when you look at someone like Jennifer who works her butt off, really grueling physical work and mental work, always doing something you see there is a huge divide between celebrity and the kind of talent she is.”

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Lopez adds that the film explores the question, “How do you stay grounded while living life in the public eye, as a superstar?”

She continues, “I don’t feel any different than that person, and that is what people forget, I am just doing things with my life.”

In a clip from the film’s wrap party, the star tells the cast and crew, “It touched my heart and I am so excited, I can’t wait for it to come out.”

“Marry Me” opens in theatres Feb. 11, 2022.