Warning: Spoilers for the ending of “Emily in Paris” season 2.

Fans of both “Sex and the City” and “Emily in Paris” are hoping for the ultimate crossover in the next season.

Kim Cattrall famously played the iconic role of Samantha Jones in the comedy series, but with the character’s absence in the revival series “And Just Like That…”, fans are making plans for the globe-trotting public relations manager.

With Cattrall declining to reappear in the new series, the writers have Jones move to London for work.

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The second season of “Emily in Paris” ends with the titular character (Lily Collins) considering another move abroad, and fans think she could very well head to London next and run into a certain blonde, reports Buzzfeed.

One Twitter user proposed: “pitch: Emily is over Paris and moves to London to work for Samantha Jones PR”.

Emily does work in marketing and consulting which would make her a perfect fit to work in public relations.

Other fans are hoping to cut out the middleman and just give Jones her own spin-off series, with one user writing: “Watching Emily In Paris just makes me want Samantha In London. @KimCattrall”.

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Both shows are helmed by creator Darren Star, and Emily’s love interest Alfie also moves to London at the end of the season, so the possibility is there.

None of the creators from the shows or Cattrall have responded to the theories yet.

“Emily in Paris” is available for streaming on Netflix now.