Robert Redford will always remember Betty White for her humour and joy for life.

In a statement to ET Canada, the actor shared what he loved about the TV legend.

“Betty lived life devoted to her craft and her love of animals,” said Redford. “She made us all laugh, including me.”

The star also admitted he had a bit of a soft spot for White as well.

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“I had a crush on her too!” he added.

Despite never meeting, White revealed before her 97th birthday celebration to Parade that she had a crush on Robert Redford, even going as far as to joke he was her birthday wish.

“But it never works. I try every year,” she teased.

Apparently the stars almost aligned for the two to meet, when White’s “Hot in Cleveland” co-star Wendie Malick tried to arrange for them both to come to a charity event.

Malick revealed on the “The Queen Latifah Show” in 2015 that Redford even left the late actress a voicemail — which she ended up deleting because she thought it was a prank.

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“She said she would be too embarrassed to see him in person since she’s been using his name in vain for so long,” Malick added.