Tell us how you really feel, Don Lemon!

The CNN anchor was among the cable news net’s personalities to imbibe during CNN’s annual live coverage of the New Year’s Eve festivities, and at one point kicked off a rant about why his “haters” continually attack him.

‘I don’t give a — what you think about me, what do you think about that,” said Lemon, holding a drink in one hand and a microphone in the other while in New Orleans with fellow anchor Alisyn Camerota and comedian Dulce Sloan.

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“I don’t care. I’m a grown-a** man, I don’t care what you think about me,” he continued.

“I am who I am. I’m a grown, successful black man who a lot of people hate because they’re not used to people seeing me — and people like me — in the position that I am,” Lemon added. “To be able to share what I… my point of view on television, it freaks people out. And you know what? You can kiss my behind. I do not care.”

Lemon kept on going. “‘I don’t care. I really don’t care. I have one life and this is who I am and I feel very, um…,” he said, with Sloan completing his thoughts by adding the word “blessed.”

“Blessed and honoured to be in this position,” Lemon said. “To be able to do this. So all the hate I get? It’s motivation to me. Bring it, I don’t care.”

Lemon wasn’t the only member of CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast crew to go off-script thanks to a little alcohol. Check out Andy Cohen telling outgoing NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio “sayonara, sucker” in a hilariously vicious rant.