Ryan Reynolds just dropped a beary funny new ad for Mint Mobile.

The “Deadpool” actor, who became the owner of the company back in 2019, put his own spin on “Winnie the Pooh” while telling the tale of “Winnie the Screwed” and his big wireless bill.

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“Yesterday the original book featuring Winnie-the-Pooh entered the public domain,” explained the actor and businessman.

“Took some creative liberties but it sticks pretty close to the source material. Just added @MintMobile and changed ‘honey’ to ‘money’ really.”

While narrating the hilarious video, Reynolds reads from a book that says, “Like anyone with a big wireless plan, Winnie-the-Screwed just wants to keep some of his sweet sweet money, but his money jar gets emptier and emptier with every monthly bill.”

Promoting his company’s latest deal, he adds, “So I told Christopher Robin that anyone can get 3 free months of Mint Mobile now until Friday at midnight.”

Reynolds previously enlisted the help of Satan himself to help with another Mint Mobile campaign.