Ben Affleck responded to that Snoop Dogg Golden Globes nomination name mix-up as he chatted to Kelly Clarkson on her show.

The actor was on the talk show to promote his new flick “The Tender Bar”, for which he earned the Golden Globes nom, when Clarkson asked him about Snoop mispronouncing his name.

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After playing the hilarious clip, Affleck said: “I always grew up and thought ‘Affleck, what an incredibly ugly name.’

“When I was a kid, my parents, I always remember them, in the old days, when people would call you up for a magazine subscription or something and they’d go ‘A F as in Frank…’

“I was always like ‘why do they always do that?’ and then I’d realize [after] looking through the mail that we would get Mr. and Mrs. A**lick.”

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Affleck’s comments come after Snoop gave viewers quite the chuckle with his nominations reveal, with him saying: “Been-Afflay” while listing the nominations for Best Supporting Actor In A Motion Picture.

“Ben Affleck. My fault. Sorry about that, Ben,” the rapper then laughed.

See more in the clip above.