“Emily in Paris” season 2 is all about how powerful female friendships can be — something Lily Collins and Ashley Park know something about.

The two spoke on their characters, their bond both on-screen and off-screen, and female mentors for Glamour UK‘s January digital cover story.

“Emily ultimately really values her friendships. And [in] season 2, she really leans into the female friendships, which is something that I really was excited about pursuing more of,” Collins said of the show, on which Collins’ character Emily and Park’s character Mindy are close.

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“Thank God that Emily and Mindy are living together, because they can really just bounce things off one another and provide each other with a sense of understanding,” she continued. “No judgment but understanding – and loving critique at times.”

It’s a bond that’s translated very naturally to their real-life counterparts.

Lily Collins and Ashley Park – Photo: Mike Rosenthal
Lily Collins and Ashley Park – Photo: Mike Rosenthal
Lily Collins and Ashley Park – Photo: Mike Rosenthal
Lily Collins and Ashley Park – Photo: Mike Rosenthal

“It’s such an amazing experience to meet someone as an adult, when you’re an adult, and gravitate towards them so strongly, like a friendship soulmate,” said Collins. “Ashley makes me not question and doubt who I am now.”

Collins lavished praise on her co-star, calling her a very supportive person.

“Ashley can lift you up in moments when you need it, and yet she can come right back down and be grounded in moments when you didn’t know you to be quiet and sit,” she gushed.

It’s a sentiment that Park shared about Collins.

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“There is no scene partner, leading lady, friend-like sister who is as supportive as Lily,” the actress said.

The two are such good friends, they often spent time touring Paris together while filming — and being recognized on more than one occasion.

“Me and Lily, if we ever had a day off, we’d wander the streets together,” she recalled. “But what was so funny to us, is we were sitting in the Tuileries Gardens, just catching up on everything – and we had masks and sunglasses on – and we just kept on getting recognized! And what was so sweet, was that it wasn’t even what we thought the demographic of our show was. We were so happy that they were so enthusiastic about it, but also just middle-aged men came up and were like, ‘Oh, it’s you guys.’ Not a single person came up to us with a negative response.”

Female friendships have guided Collins throughout her career — even from her first big role working alongside Sandra Bullock.

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“She helped guide me through that experience. And we stayed in touch, and she’s just such a warm, wonderful spirit, who just really took me under her wing,” said Collins. “Julia Roberts is the same way; on ‘Mirror, Mirror’ she’s playing my evil queen, and yet she couldn’t have been more warm – and helping me to understand and navigate a set.”

Read the full interview in the Glamour UK January Digital Issue online now.