Tracee Ellis Ross is nominated for another Golden Globe, but she has mixed feelings about it.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the star revealed she was pleased with the nomination, but said “the Golden Globes are mired in a lot of mess right now.”

“It’s always lovely to be recognized in any shape or form for the work that you do, and the company is beautiful, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has a lot on it. So we will see,” continued Ross.

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The organization for the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, recently came under fire for unethical behaviour and lack of diversity with actors like Tom Cruise even returning their awards. After going through a number of reforms, the awards show will not be airing this year, but will announce winners on Jan. 9 nonetheless.

While the nomination may be mixed news for the actress, Michelle Obama’s special guest star appearance on the final season of “Black-ish” has her excited.

“It was wonderful. She and I are friends. It was a phone call I made. We got to do really important subject matter that’s mixed in with fun, so it’s receivable. We had a ball. It felt really fun to show off what a well-oiled machine our show is,” the Golden Globe winner gushed. “It felt really fun to welcome someone so special who’s been so important in our world, in our culture, in the kinds of stories we told on Black-ish. We started when they were moving into the White House.”

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The former first lady will appear on the eighth and final season of Black-ish.

The new season marks a new era for the 49-year-old actress who has spent over a decade playing Dr. Rainbow Johnson on the show.

“I walked into the final week with the prayer to have an open heart so I could really be present for all of the feelings that were moving through. To the point that, at any given moment, tears would start to shed,” she admitted. “Anthony [Anderson] towards the end was like, ‘Seriously? Are you crying again?’ Yeah, I’m crying, dude, I’m crying, get over it Mr. Crankypants who’s pretending you’re not having feelings but you are.”

The farewell season of “Black-ish” begins on Jan. 4, 2022.