Lily Collins had quite the honeymoon with her new husband Charles McDowell.

The “Emily in Paris” actress tells Ellen DeGeneres on her show Tuesday how the pair tied the knot in September before enjoying a stunning Scandinavian honeymoon.

Collins shares of where they got married, “It was a place called Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado. We had never actually been there until about the day before we got married, which was really fun planning a wedding before visiting a location.”

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Collins’ dad is musician Phil Collins, while McDowell’s mom is the actress Mary Steenburgen and his dad is the actor Malcolm McDowell. However, the star says she and her new husband “met randomly” and not through their parents.

“We were kinda surprised we hadn’t met yet. We’d been in the same rooms a bunch of times and never met.”

Collins says their meeting was “one of those cheesy but ‘true love at first sight’ things.”

As DeGeneres questions whether the pair knew they were both “outdoorsy” when they met, Collins replies: “No. He did not know that I was very outdoorsy. I don’t think I knew I was quite as outdoorsy as I became, but I grew up in the English countryside, so I’ve always loved being outdoors.”

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Collins adds that the couple are always “embracing new adventures,” sharing how their honeymoon through Scandinavia was a “foodie adventure tour.”

She says it was “freezing” cold on the trip, but she just “embraced” it.

DeGeneres shows pics of the couple’s honeymoon, part of which was spent in a Swedish treehouse designed by a famous architect.

“It has a literal tree that goes in the middle of it and there’s this netting that you can lie on your back and stare at the stars,” Collins shares.

However, despite it being “so beautiful and romantic,” the actress explains how there was “no piping” that went up to the house, so the bathroom experience was a little unusual.

She tells an unimpressed DeGeneres, “You do anything you’re gonna do into a paper bag, which then gets incinerated, which then turns to dust, which gets buried and made into a tree!

“It was intimate, I’ll tell you that much.”