Jeff Bezos celebrated New Year’s Eve with a “crazy disco party,” which he commemorated on social media.

In a series of photos the Amazon billionaire posted on Instagram, he wears ultra-tight white pants and an even-tighter, colourful, patterned shirt while posing poolside with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. He tops off the look with a pair of heart-shaped mirrored shades.

Bezos’s NYE outfit did not escape the attention of James Corden, who mentioned the getup during his first “Late Late Show” monologue of 2022.

“Look. At. That,” said Corden while displaying Bezos’s Instagram pic.

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“Genuine question, is that a shirt or a tattoo?” Corden quipped, just getting started.

“It looks like Mr Clean’s Tinder profile,” Corden continued. ” It looks like Patrick Stewart got cast in ‘Entourage’. Look at that. Look at it again. It looks like a generic Pitbull costume, that on the packet would be called something generic like ‘Miami Dance Man’.”

Jimmy Fallon also took aim at Bezos’s disco-derived duds during his “Tonight Show” monologue.

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“Speaking of New Year’s, I saw that Jeff Bezos celebrated at a ’70s-themed disco party, and he definitely dressed the part,” said Fallon.

“Look at those pants!” he joked. “As they say over at Amazon, that’s a tight package.”