Jamie Lynn Spears is calling out horrific threats to her children from anonymous Twitter trolls.

The younger sister of Britney Spears shared a screenshot on her Instagram Story, documenting a nasty message she received in a DM that called her a “white trash b***” and added, “I hope your daughter gets raped. Both of them.”

Spears also shared a message in response, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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“I’ve gotten beyond [used] to receiving the love and the hate of strangers, since before I ever even had a choice at the age of like 8, so growing up I had to learn to not acknowledge the hate, and to rise above the evil and NEVER give negativity the attention it so desperately wants,” she wrote.

“But this is one of ones I can’t just brush off. You may not love me, and that’s fine, but THIS shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstances, much less about innocent underage children,” she continued.

“I know I am blessed beyond measure, and I have so much to be thankful for… I can’t complain when there are so much more important things to focus on in today’s world, so let’s all do one kind thing for someone else today, and just maybe this negativity will bring along something positive to someone who needs it,” she added.

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The attack appears to be related to the rift in her relationship with Britney, who recently unfollowed Jamie Lynn on Instagram.

In October, a source told E! News that “Britney is very, very angry and hurt. She feels like Jamie Lynn totally abandoned her and let her down in the fight of her life. They were best friends and everything to each other for so long. She asked for support, and feels like Jamie Lynn turned her back on her and couldn’t be bothered.”