Mickey Guyton stood up against intolerance and many tried to tear her down.

Guyton, 38, generated headlines in 2020 after calling out racism and sexism in the country music industry. In a new interview with Becky G for the latter’s Facebook Watch series “Face to Face with Becky G”, the country star opens up about the terrible backlash she received.

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“We’re used to being unseen. We’re used to the micro-aggressions, we’re used to the constant battles of trying to just be who you are,” Guyton tells Becky G, via Billboard. “And finally, the veil has been lifted, and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, how did we survive for so long?’ And that’s the point, we were just surviving. But now we’re thriving.”

Guyton, who was pregnant at the time and has since welcomed her first child, has renewed emphasis on self-care.

“I’m still working on it,” Guyton says of her self-care practices. “Feb. 6, 2021, I was nine months pregnant, about to give birth to my son, and I got an influx of awful hate mail because I called out the industry and its racism and sexism. And people didn’t like that.

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“What was so hard is, I’m a Christian woman and I had all these people spewing hate, using Jesus… To have that kind of hate when you’re so hormonal was awful. I was in a really bad place, and I had to go on antidepressants that were life-changing.”

Watch Guyton’s episode of “Face to Face With Becky G” above.