It’s time for a big change on the next “And Just Like That”.

On Tuesday, HBO Max debuted a teaser for the sixth episode of the “Sex and the City” sequel series.

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“I’ve had fun downtown. I’ve cried downtown. But never lived downtown,” Carrie says in the teaser, walking into a new, empty apartment. “Think strong. I have to move on. Try something else. Start a new chapter. Other people do.”

The teaser also gives fans a glimpse at Jonathan Groff’s guest-starring role as a plastic surgeon, who mistakenly assumes Carrie is there to get a face lift for herself.

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Meanwhile, Carrie’s real estate agent Seema Patel, played by Sarita Choudhury, takes her on a shopping trip to get some proper Indian dress for her family’s Diwali party.

The new episode of “And Just Like That” premieres Sunday.