The ladies of “The View” have a lot of thoughts on Tristan Thompson.

On Tuesday’s show, the daytime hosts discussed the ongoing scandal surrounding Thompson after a paternity test confirmed he fathered a third child with a woman in Houston.

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“First, what I want to say is, I feel sorry for Khloé [Kardashian],” guest host Yvette Nicole Brown said. “I feel like she has made some difficult decisions in the men she’s chosen to love. That’s not her fault, we love who we love.”

Referring to Thompson’s apparent history of cheating, Sunny Hostin said, “Let’s face it, I think we’ve all been there, I’ve been there. But this kind of repeat performance with men that cheat on you, you have to start looking inward, at that point.”

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Ana Navarro said, “I look at the Kardashians, and this seems to be a pattern of behaviour. And frankly, they are so smart about their brand and their business. These women have turned access into assets. And yet they keep — you know they’re beautiful, they’re rich, they’re famous, they have wonderful friends they’ve got a very close-knit family. Why do they keep going with these losers who are cheating on them all the time?”

She amusingly added, “To this Tristan guy I just have one thing to say: Condom!”

Finally, at the end of the segment, Joy Behar offered, “To that point, Ana, these are psychological issues.”

She added, “I don’t think the Kardashians are ‘keeping up with the’ therapy. That’s the problem.”