Children at a school in Georgia got a huge Christmas surprise from an NBA legend.

Appearing on “The GaryVee Audio Experience” podcast, Shaquille O’Neal revealed that he gifted thousands of PS5 and Nintendo Switch game consoles to a school of elementary students.

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“My father was a drill sergeant, my mother just was a hard-working woman,” O’Neal explained. “They taught me the value of giving back. They taught me the value of helping those in need.”

He said, “I called my friend from Nintendo. Ordered about 1,000 Switches and 1,000 PS5s. I went to Walmart and got bikes. So yesterday, at this little elementary school in McDonough, Georgia, kids were crying, kids were happy. And that’s what it’s all about.”

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The donation was part of a gift-giving Shaq-a-Claus event at Wesley Lakes Elementary School.

“When I was with Toys ‘R Us, there was an alarming stat: 15 to 20 million kids wake up on Christmas Day and not receive one gift. I felt that one time. I don’t ever want a kid to feel like that,” O’Neal said. “So, as long as I’m on this Earth, I’m always trying to do what I can to make sure kids get good toys.”