Gordon Ramsay is taking a break from famously judging people in the kitchen so that his 20-year-old daughter can judge him instead.

Matilda “Tilly” Ramsay rated her father’s every move while on vacation in the Maldives with her family to ring in the new year. She hopped on the TikTok trend “rating my dad on holiday” for her 10 million followers.

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The compilation video, which has 3.2 million views, sees Ramsay kicking back on a day bed, jamming along to some tunes and “critiquing the food,” obviously. Tilly rated each of her dad’s actions, giving him a two out of 10 for being jet lagged and one out of 10 for “cycling off with his fave child” (Oscar, 2) while making the rest of the family walk.

At first, Ramsay was “not feeling” New Year’s Eve, scoring him a zero, however, he redeemed himself with his “cheeky foot boogie,” which earned him a five out of 10. Eventually he went “full-on party mode for 2022,” winning over his daughter’s approval and earning him his highest score.


rating my dad on holiday @gordonramsayofficial #fyp

♬ mario sound – mandycap

Thanks to Tilly, fans were thrilled to get a glimpse of Ramsay’s life outside of his “Kitchen Nightmares”. You can see more of the famous chef’s rated actions in the video above, some of which managed dropped his scores into the negatives.

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The fun, light-hearted video was shared shortly after Tilly posted a stunning Instagram photo of herself in a bright blue two-piece bikini worn with a matching sarong.

Ramsay also took to social media to share some images of himself holding his youngest son Oscar.