Addison Rae cleared the air on how much she actually makes on TikTok.

The “He’s All That” actress joined YouTuber David Dobrik on his podcast alongside singer Madison Beer for a conversation about how much money influencers actually make via their social media channels.

Rae, who is the second-most followed influencer on TikTok, said that the app’s users’ income is determined by how many views their videos get.

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“What is the most amount somebody on the app has gotten paid for on TikTok?” Dobrik asked.

Rae did not disclose her personal earnings from the platform but revealed the greatest amount of money she heard someone made from a sponsored video.

“$90,000. That’s from what I know is like what someone’s been offered.”

“The thing I hate about TikTok prices is that these TikTokers get paid per post. So everyone will do math and they’ll be like, ‘Addison Rae gets paid $45,000 per post…’” Dobrik explained. “’Oh my God she’s posted 30 times, which means she’s made $18 million this week alone…’”

That’s when the 21-year-old social media star chimed in to make something clear: “It’s only when it’s branded is when you make money.”

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Comparing the app to Instagram, Beer added that she knows people who have earned more than $1 million for just five frames on an Instagram Story, as well as a swipe up.

Dobrik noted that on YouTube, sponsored videos are not as valuable compared to the other platforms.

“It’s, like, $500,000 for an integration on YouTube, for like a 20-30-second plug, I would say,” he explained before sharing that his own videos used to make him about $275,000 a month in ad revenue but dropped to about $2,000.