You won’t get to hear Nicolas Cage belt his heart out ever again.

“For me, karaoke was like therapy until someone videotaped my punk-rock version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and it went everywhere,” referring to a leaked video in 2019.

“I said, ‘I’m not going to karaoke any more,'” he admits during the annual Actor Roundtable with Andrew Garfield, Peter Dinklage, Simon Rex, and Jonathan Majors for The Hollywood Reporter.

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But Garfield, who put his vocals on display in “Tick Tick…Boom”, has words of encouragement for Cage:  “Don’t steal the gift from the world. You need to keep giving.”

“Well, singing is therapy, I think. Absolutely,” Cage explains to his fellow actors. “Karaoke’s supposed to be private. It’s like a prayer.”

Garfield, who supported Cage as he shared his feelings, adds, “Nic is just using this platform to get out his gripes, I guess, the person who’s leaked the karaoke video…”

Cage, 57, who has been earning praise for his dramatic turn in the movie “Pig”, says he still gets nervous in the “terrifying” casting process, labelling it “the worst.”

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“In a casting office, how would they really know if something was great? If it was truly great, it would be unlike anything they’d seen before, it would be original, and that would probably terrify them,” he shares. “They’re not going to know greatness when they see it. They don’t know better than we know. They don’t. We know. We know what we can bring. We know what our instrument is.”

“They either, very rarely, have that eye where they can go, ‘Oh, wow, I felt it,’ or they’re by and large going to be terrified of it, which is what my experience was,” adds Cage.

Cage will next be seen playing an exaggerated version of himself in the meta-comedy “The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent”, due in theatres in April.

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