James Corden was taken aback by Matthew Lewis’s appearance since his days of playing Neville Longbottom in the “Harry Potter” films.

Fans of the franchise have been aware of the actor’s serious glow-up from his pubescent years, however “The Late Late Show” host had no idea until it was addressed during his Tuesday night show.

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The conversation was sparked when several of Corden’s crew members mentioned that they watched HBO Max’s “Return to Hogwarts” special reunion.

“You know that dude who played Neville Longbottom in the movies?” head writer Ian Karmel asked Corden. “He’s like super handsome now.”

The TV host admitted that he hadn’t watched the special yet but he does recall what the character looked like in the early films. To highlight the shocking transformation, the show pulled up a photo of Lewis’s present-day appearance and Corden was wowed.

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“Stop!” Corden said in awe. “That’s Neville Long — wow. That is a handsome man. There’s no denying it, that’s a handsome man. He’s hot now. I agree! There’s no denying it, it can’t be denied. That’s a hot Neville.”

Naturally, they had to throw in a cheesy pickup line. “Platform 9 3/4, more like Platform perfect 10,” Karmel joked.

The “Late Late Show”’s writer Olivia Harewood chimed in, noting that she too watched the 20th-anniversary special, which took Corden by surprise since she didn’t really strike him as the “Harry Potter” type.

“I’m not really but hot Neville can open my chamber of secrets,” she joked.