Doing a new “Scream” movie is just like coming home for Neve Campbell and David Arquette.

The stars of the brand new instalment, “Scream 5”, were on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday to talk about returning to the iconic horror franchise.

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Asked if the cast just picked up where they left off 10 years after making “Scream 4”, Campbell said, “Pretty much. We had a lot of fun on the first one, it really was like being on summer camp and it feels like when we get back together we are getting back to summer camp.”

“We were just talking right now and laughing,” Arquette added.

Teasing the plot of the new film, Campbell said, “Sidney is at a good place in her life and she’s a mother now which gives her a whole other level of fierceness. She’s content and then of course chaos ensues because it is a ‘Scream’ movie.”

Arquette was asked about his fondest moment from the franchise, and said, “Well obviously I love working with Neve and Courteney [Cox] and it was great to work with them again. But on ‘Scream 2’ I got to work with my father and that was really a dream come true and then they did a Mad Magazine and did a little cartoon of me and my dad. It was so fun!”

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Talking about her own best memory, Campbell revealed that it came in making the new film: “It was a really sweet moment, Melissa [Barrera], who is one of the main characters in this film, she had her first scene with Courteney and I and we started the scene and they said cut and she had tears in her eyes she started crying I was like are you okay and she was just so excited to work with us and to be a part of the film that she couldn’t comprehend it. It was adorable. It was really great.”

Arquette also revealed, “I gave the whole cast a Bob Ross painting class. And then they were all watching horror movies. I can’t say enough about this cast and the directors did an incredible job it’s scary and funny and exciting.”