Almost a year after her nearly fatal accident in the Congo, Ashley Judd is planning a return trip.

On Wednesday, the 53-year-old actress shared a post on Instagram welcoming the new year and looking back on a difficult 2021.

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“Good greetings, 2022.  It is nice to see you, on this, the 11 month anniversary of having broken my leg in four places and paralyzing my foot (not to mention nearly hemorrhaging to death),” she wrote.

In February 2021, Judd tripped and fell in the forest during a trip to the Congo, shattering bones her leg, sending her to the ICU with months of gruelling physical therapy that followed.

Now, though, it seems that she has recovered enough to be hiking again, and said she is looking forward to heading back to the Congo.

“I have just walked a nourishing twenty five miles in my #Appalachian home-place, the #GreatSmokyMountainsNationalPark, and then romped up and down our annual New Year snowy paths on an #Alp in #Switzerland,” she wrote.

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“All this has me feeling ready. For what? Yes. #Congo. I return now,” Judd continued. “My heart is open and eager. I do not yet know what I will feel, I know only that I will feel, and I am ready to greet the experience with curiosity, wonder, and an abundance of gratitude for every life-saving sister and brother who stroked my face, carried my make shift hammock through the rain forest for hours, wept alongside my agony, or simply laid beside me as I bit a stick while in shock.”

She added, “And really, all that is in the past now. What is here, now, is a leg that works (with a wee limp and a some knee stiffness at times), a spirit that won’ let anything hold it back, and a desire to show up for the fullness of a beautiful life – and that life includes the endangered, egalitarian bonobos who live free from coercion. And you. Thank you for walking with me. Peace be with you.”