Dakota Johnson can do a pitch perfect Maggie Gyllenhaal impression.

In a video for IMDb, the star and writer-director of “The Lost Daughter” sit down together to ask each other questions about their new film.

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“Why did you decide to make this movie?” Johnson asks, to which Gyllenhaal challenges her, “Could you do it in an English accent?”

She quickly changes her mind, though, asking Johnson to do it in an Australian accent instead, and without missing a beat, the actress obliges.

“Why did you decide to make this movie?” she says again in an Australian accent, and then says, “I can answer for her. Wait, let’s do that. Let’s switch.”

The two then switch seats, with Johnson taking Gyllenhaal’s role, and even doing an impression of the director.

“I read The Lost Daughter, and I was reading it like… Oh, this woman is so fed up, but I totally relate to her, so am I so fed up?” she says in Gyllenhaal’s voice, making them both laugh.

“Let’s do some more,” Gyllenhaal says, to which Johnson comments, “It’s a trippy therapy exercise.”

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Asked if there were any difficult moments shooting the film, Gyllenhaal admits, “Yes. There was. There was a night that I wanted to keep shooting, and I didn’t think we’d quite gotten what we needed. We had all been working long, long hours, and it was the end of our third six-day week.”

She continues, “My crew was like, we can’t. We have to stop, and I went home and cried. And they were absolutely right. In fact, I don’t feel like we are missing anything from that night now that we’ve cut it together. But at the time, I think I was so invested and so in love with what we were doing. But you know what? That’s part of being a director, you know? You have to compromise, and those were amazing lessons.”