Kathy Hilton spoke about her daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding to Carter Reum, the documentary “This Is Paris”, and more in a new interview with SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live”.

Paris tied the knot on November 11, 2021, in an unsurprisingly glamorous event. Andy asked Kathy about the “no cell phone” rule and the reports suggesting her sister Kim Richards was upset about it.

Kathy shared, “What shocked me is that I even left my phone at home, so… yeah. I just said, you know what? There are rules and a lot of people were very, very upset.

“So we had security take them, and then… if a picture gets out, you wanna be responsible. I’m the mother. And I said, here, I just left my phone at home.

“And then the third night, um, I don’t think anybody cared at the carnival. But the second night, which was the big dinner celebration for, like, 400 people, I checked my phone.”

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She added of whether Kim was upset: “She thought that it was, you know, that she was my sister… and I had to explain to her that it’s not our house anymore.

“You know, that Eric Schmidt and Michelle Ritter it’s their house. So we can’t just barge in and… I had to explain that to the girls as well.”

Google CEO Schmidt now owns the Bel Air mansion where Paris and Carter tied the knot, but it was owned by Paris’s late grandfather for more than 60 years.

Andy asked whether Kathy still hadn’t seen “This Is Paris”, in which her daughter claimed she was abused at Provo Canyon School.

Kathy said, “You know, it was true. She said to me, ‘It’s very important to me, Mommy, that you, that you watch this.’ And I had the party here for her when it came out. Outside, we did a big screen and it was too much after just watching a lot of the little clips, you know, the promos and trailers. And you can imagine me just finding out and I don’t, I’m not one of those people, ‘Oh this is about me,’ because it’s not about me, but yet it really was so devastating the way I was told.”

The reality TV star told the host, “For her to keep that in for 20 years… I said to her finally like a few weeks ago, and then when I went to Washington with her, I said, ‘I’m still not ready to watch it.’

“So when we got back, I did watch it and we held hands and I could see how important we held hands for an hour watching this thing. And just the energy that I was feeling from her and how relieved and happy that she was, that I would watch it.

“But it put me into such a depression that, I mean, a lot of people understood that we are trying to help our daughter. You know, we were trying to save Paris… we were worried she was living in New York. She was sneaking out and sometimes didn’t come back home for three days. Not going to school.”

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Kathy continued, “So we’d put her in this boarding school, I thought, Gotta keep her away from the city and all these predators and people that wanted her to model. And it was just, she escaped everywhere. I mean, you only saw 20 minutes basically of that entire chunk of her life. Everything else was business.

“Rick and I… I was ready for the booby hatch. I’m literally saying to myself, ‘What do we do? Move to Mars? What are we gonna do?’ I was so helpless. And we finally had to send her and we’d gone and visited.

“And we had met with school placement people. It was handled extremely professionally. And we were told, in fact, I found out after this came out, there’s people that you and I both know that have had these problems or sent their child to the school. And then finally that they talked about it. You know, you feel kind of ashamed.”