Gabby Windey is setting the record straight on her “Bachelor” dating history.

Windey, who currently stars on Clayton Echard’s season of the show, chatted to the “Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation” podcast about the rumours surrounding her involvement with former “Bachelor” stars Dean Unglert and Blake Horstmann.

Horstmann previously said the pair “hung out for a little,” while Unglert and Windey dated in college more than 12 years ago.

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“Blake and I had mutual friends,” Windey told the podcast hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, explaining how they met when she got out of college in 2013/2014.

The ICU nurse insisted, “We never actually went on a date. There was no drinks paid for. No dinner paid for. [Blake’s] saying we dated… He’s definitely friends of friends. You know, we had spent time together and stuff but definitely no, like, official dating, like, no really kind of formal, no exclusivity and again, it was a really long time ago.”

She called Unglert, on the other hand, one of her “first loves.”

“It was just so long ago,” Windey shared. “It’s a distant past from my experience on ‘The Bachelor’ and you know, Clayton [Echard] and I’s story, it’s very much its own thing. I’m always really grateful that it was so far in the past, so I could focus more on Clayton and kind of separate [that].”

Windey, who hit headlines after bringing a pillow with Echard’s face on it so she could “sit” on it during her limo entrance, went on: “There’s so many things kind of running through my mind. I’m experiencing all new things. All you know, pretty good things. When I came home, you know, we don’t have our phones for when we’re filming and then I came home to, like, all this stuff that Blake and Dean had been talking about me, it seems like all really positive things, which, you know, I’m grateful for.”

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Gabby Windey, Clayton Echard on “The Bachelor”. Credit: ABC/John Fleenor
Gabby Windey, Clayton Echard on “The Bachelor”. Credit: ABC/John Fleenor

The NFL cheerleader further shared how she’d had other boyfriends since both “Bachelor” stars who had “really taught me a lot of things.”

“I think they’re great people, you guys I’m sure know them, and I’m grateful for all these nice things that they said about me, but it’s nice to kind of clear up my dating history,” Windey concluded of Unglert and Horstmann.

During the chat, Windey also spoke about what it’s been like being an ICU nurse during the pandemic, as well as what it was like winning the Pop Warner Award.