The Weeknd may be dropping hints about his rumoured relationship with Angelina Jolie.

On Friday, the Canadian singer debuted his highly anticipated new album Dawn FM, and amid all the excitement, some fans were particularly intrigued by some of the lyrics in the track “Here We Go… Again”.

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“My new girl, she’s a movie star,” the Weeknd sings, “I loved her right / Make her scream like Neve Campbell.”

Many have taken the “movie star” line as a reference to Jolie. The two sparked speculation that they were dating after being photographed leaving a Los Angeles restaurant together over the summer, though a source at the time told Page Six that it was simply a business meeting.

Later, though, the two were spotted at the same private concert, and in September they were again seen leaving a restaurant together.

In the new song, the Weeknd sings, “But I make her laugh / Swear it cures my depressing thoughts / ‘Cause, baby girl, she a movie star / Baby girl, she a movie star / I told myself that I’d never fall / But here we go again.”

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For some fans on Twitter, the lyrics were taken as confirmation of the relationship.

Neither Jolie nor the Weeknd has addressed the rumours.