Nicole Byer explains how she accidentally got drunk at the gym as she chats to “Ellen DeGeneres Show” guest-host Stephen “tWitch” Boss on Friday’s show.

The “Grand Crew” star says of the holidays: “I don’t make resolutions. I’ve got ADHD, I cannot remember what I ate yesterday,” insisting: “Don’t set yourself up for failure, that’s how I live.”

tWitch then questions Byer on the time she got drunk while working out.

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She shares, “I have this emergency bottle of vodka in my car because you never know when the occasion will arise when you’ve got to be drunk.

“It was just in this water bottle and I was late to the gym because I’m late to everything. He was like, ‘Run up the stairs a couple times.’ Because apparently that’s exercise, I did it twice, and I was like ‘Oh boy, that was exercise.’ I was like, ‘I need water,’ so I squeezed it because I was like, ‘I’ve got to quench this thirst.'”

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She goes on, “It shot in my mouth and I was like, ‘You’ve gone too far; you’ve got to swallow.'”

Elsewhere in the chat, Byer talks about dating in Los Angeles.

She insists, “Dating in L.A. is hell-ish, it is awful, it is terrible. I don’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

See more in the clip above.

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