Halle Berry received some mixed reviews for her performance as Catwoman in 2004, but she has some advice for the next person to take up the mantle.

On Variety‘s “Awards Circuit Podcast”, the actress talked briefly about her time as the cat burglar as well as advice she would give Zoë Kravitz, who plays the role next in “The Batman”.

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“I’ll just tell her, get ready, they might come for you – but don’t let that affect your interpretation about who she thinks Catwoman might be,” she said. “I personally think she’s going to be a wonderful Catwoman.”

While many actresses have taken on the role of Selina Kyle such as Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s “Batman”, or most recently Anne Hathaway in “The Dark Knights Rises” – Berry is the only actress to star in her own solo “Catwoman” movie.

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The movie was panned by critics and even earned the 55-year-old actress a Razzie Award for Worst Actress, but she doesn’t regret her time in the spotlight.

“It was one of the biggest paydays of my whole life, which, there’s nothing wrong with that,” she explained. “I don’t want to feel like, ‘Oh, I can only do award-worthy stuff.’ What is an award-worthy performance?”

See Zoë Kravitz’s turn as Catwoman when “The Batman” comes out on March 4.