Joel McHale made quite the impression during a recent visit to “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, thanks to a pair of porcine companions who accompanied him to the stage.

Promoting his new “Black Box” podcast, the former “Community” star surprised host Kelly Clarkson when he brought two tiny piglets with him, which he led on leashes.

“Oh my gosh, you brought pigs!” declared Clarkson excitedly, with McHale confirming, “These are for you,” and revealing their names are Spider-Man and MJ. “I just named them 10 seconds ago,” he joked as Clarkson fed one of them with a bottle.

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“As you know, I’ll do anything for ratings,” McHale quipped, adding, “Kelly, my goal is for you to never ask me a single question, that you’ll just be completely distracted the entire time.”

“I never knew I wanted a little pig!” gushed Clarkson.

“Well,” McHale pointed out, “the good news is that in two years they’ll be 600 pounds apiece. So that’s a fun, fun animal to have in your home.”

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