Denzel Washington appeared remotely on the latest edition of BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show”, where he received an odd request from a fellow guest.

British comedian Josh Widdicombe explained that several years earlier he went to watch Washington’s Oscar-winning performance in “Training Day” at a Manchester theatre.

Unfortunately, the screening was beset with technical problems. “There was no sound for the first 30 minutes, and they were trying to sort the sound out while the pictures were going,” Widdicombe recalled.

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When the sound problem was finally fixed, Widdicombe and his fellow cinema-goers watched the remainder of the movie without knowing entirely what had taken place at the beginning.

“They’re on a strict sound schedule,” Widdicombe explained. “So when the sound came on, they didn’t take it back to the start — we just watched the rest of the film.”

Pointing out that nobody ever wants to watch the first part of a film they’ve already seen, Widdicombe asked Washington, “So my question is, what happens in the first half-hour of ‘Training Day’?”

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“Alright, here’s what I’ll do,” Washington replied, offering to stage a dramatic re-enactment. “How much time do you have? I will do the entire beginning…”