Josh Gad is “still picking up the pieces of the shock and grief” after the death of friend Bob Saget.

On Monday, the actor joined SiriusXM’s “The Hoda Show” where he remembered the “Full House” icon.

“My girls got through the pandemic discovering ‘Full House’. And as Danny Tanner was a surrogate father to me after my parents got divorced and I was growing up watching ‘Full House’, and him being this anchor keeping his family together, watching my girls process this trauma of this sort of loss they were going through with COVID, was sort of one of the greatest gifts I could have ever imagined,” Gad said, explaining that they became friends these last few years.

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Gad shared a video that Saget sent his daughters upon hearing they were fans.

“I have become Danny Tanner,” Saget said in the clip, showing the girls the hand sanitizer, micro cloth and more that he now uses due to the pandemic.

“Hard to watch through tears,” Gad added in the caption.

Speaking with host Hoda Kotb, Gad said of the other celebrity deaths to happen recently this is “the most painful one.”

“I feel like the others all had time, and Bob just didn’t have enough time,” Gad added. “He was a good human being….He was one of those people who just exuded warmth and joy, and he always had a smile on his face.”

He went on to say how every text from Saget “began with such a warm compliment or just a genuine sort of joyful opportunity to reach out and tell me that something I did had moved him.”

“It’s like all of us who lost Betty White and that last link to ‘The Golden Girls’. They’re not just incredible actors. They’re people who will live on long after they’re gone because their work, it represents such a part of who each of us are, and had such an influence generationally for each of us.”

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Saget was found unresponsive at his Orlando hotel room on Sunday. When paramedics arrived at the scene he was pronounced dead.

Authorities confirmed “no signs of foul play or drug use in this case” were found, but a full investigation into his death could take 10-12 weeks.

He was 65-years-old.

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