Now available is the Weeknd’s music video for the album track “Gasoline”.

The video, released on Tuesday, offers an extension to the evolving storyline of the singer’s 1980s-inspired electro pop album. In the intense clip, Abel appears to be haunted by the future consequences of his actions in a wildly crowded and sweaty nightclub.

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The video, directed by Matilda Finn, who also shot the Dawn album cover, features demonic party animals, representative of an “apocalypse and hopelessness,” as the lyrics suggest.

The nearly five-minute-long visual, that obsesses over “aftermaths,” stars the elderly version of Abel, photos of which the singer has been sharing on social media. His future self comes face-to-face with the current Weeknd, causing the perplexed singer to go crazy over the “game called life.”

The dimly lit video sees a body of twins from the TikTok and modelling world, including Erin and Desiree Green, Olivia and Jessica Sysack and Audra and Alyssa Stilwell, further confusing the singer.

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To see the Weeknd defeat his wrinkly, grey-haired doppelgänger and come across bizarre human creatures, watch the “Gasoline” music video above.