Andrew Garfield is a household name with box office hits like “The Amazing Spider-Man”, but he says he lost out on a big role because of his looks.

The star spoke with ET about the new “Spider-Man: No Way Home” movie and one of the biggest rejections in his career.

When it came to casting for “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” in 2008, the role of Caspian came down to Garfield and Ben Barnes, who the role eventually went to, according to the actor.

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“I remember I was so desperate,” recalled Garfield. “I auditioned for Prince Caspian in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and I thought, ‘This could be it, this could be it.’ And that handsome, brilliant actor Ben Barnes ended up getting the role.”

He continued, “I think it was down to me and him, and I remember I was obsessed.”

The actor kept asking his agent why he didn’t get the role and eventually wore down her patience.

“She eventually just broke under my incessant nagging and she was like, ‘It’s because they don’t think you’re handsome enough, Andrew,’” the actor said.

“Ben Barnes is a very handsome, talented man,” Garfield added. “So in retrospect, I’m not unhappy with the decision and I think he did a beautiful job.”

Barnes would go on to star in “Westworld” as Logan Delos and Garfield himself would go on to play Spider-Man, not only in his own franchise but reprising the role for “No Way Home”.

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The actor had a hard time keeping his appearance a secret, but it didn’t stop him from sneaking into viewings to see audience reactions.

“I still can’t believe it happened,” Garfield said. “I snuck into a theatre on opening night and just watched with my baseball cap on and my mask. In fact, I was also with Tobey [Macguire], me and Tobey snuck into a theatre together and no one knew we were there. It was just a really beautiful thing to share together.”