Kristen Stewart is among the actors interviewed by W Magazine for its February issue, featuring the theme “Best Performances.”

During her conversation with the magazine, Stewart admitted that she can become as starstruck as the rest of us when encountering a celebrity she admires — which was certainly the case when she happened to bump into a certain “Scream” star.

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“I saw Neve Campbell in a restaurant the other day, and I looked over my shoulder and did this thing that I hate when people do [it] to me, where they look and then snap back and pretend they didn’t see or something,” said Stewart.

Kristen Stewart. Photographed by Tim Walker/W Magazine
Kristen Stewart. Photographed by Tim Walker/W Magazine

“I’m like, ‘Just come say hi.’ And then my friend was like, ‘You should just go say hi,'” Stewart continued.

“I was like, ‘No way.’ And then she invited us to sit down and chat for a minute. I was like, ‘Man, I need to go see ‘Scream [Five]’.” I love that series so much,” she added.

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“But it’s funny who actually starstrikes you,” Stewart explained. “It’s never who you expect. It’s a physical thing — maybe you love a musician, maybe you love an actor so much, but you see them and you’re like, ‘Yeah, cool. That’s them. They’re a person.’ There are some people that just get in there. Physically. And then your body goes, ahh.”