Neve Campbell was confronted with a longstanding fan rumour about “Scream” characters Stu (Matthew Lillard) and Billy (Skeet Ulrich) during an interview with Chris Azzopardi of Pride Source.

“Are you wondering whether there was a burgeoning love relationship going on there?” Campbell said as Azzopardi circled the question of whether Stu and Billy were secretly gay.

“Perhaps, perhaps,” Campbell continued.

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“Yeah, it’s very much a possibility, and now that Kevin’s out and talking more about that, I would imagine that’s a big part of his thinking,” added Campbell, referencing openly gay “Scream” creator Kevin Williamson.

“Well, I don’t know clearly, ’cause Kevin hasn’t said to me clearly that’s what it is, but it is a possibility, right?” she clarified.

However, she added, “If I were to theorize, I would say that there was perhaps some confusion with them. Pretty confused guys. [Laughs.] And that maybe some of their anger comes from not being allowed to be who they want to be, if you wanna go there. [Laughs.] What do you think?”